Cat Food Economy Is Not Lack Of Nutrition Needs Of The Cat

  Cat food economy is not lack of nutrition needs of the cat, it is convenient. Cat food can be divided into dry, canned, half cooked three. Dry food is integrated nutritious food which contains necessary nutrition. Rich taste, the protection of the teeth can also play a certain role, the price is divided into a variety of natural grain effect is relatively better, and easy to save. So, if conditions permit to try to this food-based. To this kind of food and then add a little water on the basic. The cat's dry food next to, be sure to put clean drinking water; some people think that the cat does not drink water, it is wrong.

  Taste a beef flavor, chicken flavor, fish flavor, each is very brittle, there are chewy head. This kind of food can exercise the bed, the price is cheap, and easy to save. So, if possible, try to eat this kind of food, pay attention to the time to add enough water to feed. Shrimp, fish and other high-grade raw materials canned, a wide range, easy to pick, taste delicious, so more than dry food more popular with the cat. Some cans can be used as staple food cans, some canned food such as most of the cans, belonging to the category of snacks, as the staple food may cause nutritional imbalance. But does not contain all the nutrients, so mixed with dry food is better. Cans for long-term preservation, but pay attention to open easily after the deterioration, half cooked food between food and canned food, suitable for cat food.

  Some good quality cat food will add taurine, cat body can not synthesize taurine this amino acid, can only be obtained by capturing mice. As a cat for a companion pet, did not catch the mouse condition. The lack of this amino acid cat will affect the night vision ability, so the use of good quality cat food is necessary.