How To Use The Right Dog Chewing Gum

  How to use the right dog chewing gum

  Long-term dogs can use dog bites and molars to promote tooth development, but it is also necessary to pay attention to problems when feeding dogs to chew gum and molars, otherwise good things may become something that hurts the dog.

  Selection of dog chewing gum and molar bone

  First of all, to say to dogs to choose the dog chewing gum and molar bone to pay attention to the problem, the size of the problem need not be carefully said, too big dog to eat inconvenient, too small dog easy to swallow, and dog swallowed the same thing, will be stuck in the dog's esophagus. What's more, the hardness of the dog's teeth is hard, but the gums are long meat. If you choose the perfect dog chewing gum and molar bone, you will find that the dog's obsession with them can completely allow them to chew Ah Chew ah, and sometimes the gum is belch bleeding still gnawing.

  Dogs need to keep an eye on dog chewing gum and molar bone.

  Dog biting gum and molar bone when the owner is relatively quiet, the dog will not pester you to play with you, but you can not big Son Cen, but also when not often look at it. If the above mentioned chewing gum bleeding situation, do not let it chew, at least let it rest and then chew, lest the damage to the gums too big. The other is that when the dog bites the gum and the molar bone to eat a small piece of the time to take this good thing confiscated, because it is very likely not to chew carefully and choose to swallow directly.

  White dogs don't buy colored dog bites.

  If the white dog should be careful not to choose the color of dog bites and molar bone: This is the rule of thumb, my family is white hair, some days ago bought a red molar bone, people with two front paws to chew Ah, and then two of the forelegs are red red, very difficult to wash off.

  Dog bites gum and molar bone eat for a while, give the dog a new

  Dog chewing gum and molar bone are all of a sudden eat the things, the dog may chew a period of time on the side of the child, boring time to chew again, such a dog chewing gum and molar bone but a good long time also can not finish. The dog is not aware of the problem of hygiene, casually thrown on the ground, the result of a period of time is dirty. So in the perspective of food hygiene, we had better buy a new puppy for a period of time, the old throw, and the dog will be quite happy, because the equivalent of a new food and a new toy it.