Calcium And Phosphorus Is An Important Indicator Of The Nutritional Value Of Pet Food

Calcium and phosphorus is an important indicator of the nutritional value of pet food

With the improvement of living standards, people are increasingly concerned about their own health at the same time, the dog's diet health is also gradually on the agenda, at present, the market of pet food variety, after all, that paragraph is more nutritious value? Today, Xiao Bian let easy to ignore the nutritional indicators - calcium and phosphorus as an example.

Calcium and phosphorus constitute the main components of dog bones and teeth, pet food play an important role in maintaining the normal activity of nerves and muscles and participating in the coagulation process. If the dog lacks calcium and phosphorus, puppies susceptible to rickets, adult dogs susceptible to osteoporosis, pregnancy dogs affect the growth and development of the fetus.

Calcium and phosphorus on the dog so important, is not the more the better? The answer is no, the pet has a certain tolerance to calcium and phosphorus, pet food excessive calcium will reduce the phosphorus and other mineral elements (including zinc, manganese, iron) absorption, fat digestibility will be reduced, excessive phosphorus will make Calcium is reduced.

So, the question came, pet food what kind of calcium and phosphorus with a reasonable? The calcium and phosphorus ratios of dog food were the highest in the range of (1.2-1.4): 1.