Canned Pet Food Is Conducive To Full Digestion And Absorption Of Pets

As the saying goes, "delicious but canned", I believe that can eat the cans of the pets are hundred percent hold two claws in favor. As a scientific full price balance of food, canned food is one of the best in pet food. Canned food is rich in nutrients, and the proportion between the various nutrients with a reasonable, is conducive to fully digest the absorption of pets to ensure the healthy growth of pets. Choose the benefits of cans:

1, choose more types:

"Canned is too fragrant, and even I could not help but want to eat!" Do not be surprised, the majority of pet parents have had this idea. Open the cans of the moment, meat puffs, dogs are not excited to blame. Today, all kinds of canned cigarettes popular, as long as into any pet shop, shelves a variety of cans dazzling, dazzling. There are also prepared for the dog, but also for the cat prepared, chicken, beef, vegetables, fish, etc., a wide range of selection canned has become a lot of pet parents new fun.

2, with more ways

Many of the owners like to use pet dry food with pet cans to feed the love pet, this food is very perfect way, both dry food and high density of a comprehensive balanced nutrition, and canned food delicious delicious and good taste, and does not affect the pet Intake of nutrition is comprehensive and balanced. With this kind of food with the way for the cat and dog replacement food, reward love pet, or increase the appetite of love pet, can achieve a multiplier effect Oh.

3, to facilitate health and more

Pet cans not only good flavor, packaging is also very convenient for health. Pet canned food in the processing process, must first carry out raw material processing and seasoning treatment, and then into a clean empty tank, by mechanical vacuum or heating exhaust method, leaving some of the air in the tank, and then Canned sealed, and finally also a very strict sterilization. As long as the cans on a cool dry place, do not touch the bad seal, it can be stored for a long time without deterioration, very convenient, especially when traveling, bring fresh and delicious canned, it is love pet companion companion.

4, nutrition and more

Pet cans for pet nutrition needs, the use of high-quality raw materials, is specially developed for the pet full nutrition food, including water, carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals and vitamins six nutritional elements. Canned food raw materials are mainly chicken, beef, vegetables, fish, etc., not only taste good, nutrition and more.

But to love pet feeding canned food should also pay attention to some problems, canned food alone, but to pay attention to the problem, eat too much easy to pet picky eaters, partial eclipse. The best way to match food is to use pet dry food with pet cans, so that the pet can get a comprehensive and balanced nutrition. In addition there are different levels of canned food, nutrition, there are differences accordingly. High-priced use of the better raw materials, low-priced most of the use of many non-crushed viscera, this advantage is not easy to drain vitamins, taste better, the disadvantage is more meat, defecation in the smell than Heavy, and long time to eat pet easy to long teeth stones. Pet dry food as delicious canned, but easy to digest and absorb than cans, and defecation is not so smelly.