Cat Food Economic And Nutrition Is Relatively Comprehensive

Cat food is a cat eating food. The cat has a specific nutritional requirement for the diet. Some nutrients, including vitamins and amino acids, are reduced due to the temperature, pressure and chemical treatment of the manufacturing process. Therefore, they must be added after manufacture to avoid nutrient loss and lead to nutritional deficiencies. For example, amine taurine found in meat can be degraded during processing, so synthetic taurine is usually added later. Long-term taurine deficiency, such as long-term feeding of taurine-deficient dog food, can lead to retinal degeneration, blindness and heart damage.

Cat food characteristics

Cat food economy and nutrition is relatively comprehensive and convenient. Cat food can be divided into dry, canned, half cooked three. Dry food, is a necessary food containing the necessary nutrition. Rich taste, the protection of the teeth can also play a certain role, the price is divided into a variety of natural grain effect is relatively better, and easy to save. So, if conditions permit to try to this food-based. The cat's dry food next to, be sure to put clean drinking water; some people think that the cat does not drink water, it is wrong.

Shrimp, fish and other high-grade raw materials canned, a wide range, easy to pick, taste delicious, so more than dry food more popular with the cat. Some cans can be used as staple food cans, some canned food such as most of the cans, belonging to the category of snacks, as the staple food may cause nutritional imbalance. Can not mix with the dry food, the greater the damage to the teeth, should be eaten separately. Cans for long-term preservation, but attention is very easy to change after opening.

Half cooked food between food and canned food, suitable for old cat food.

Some good quality cat food will add taurine, cat body can not synthesize taurine this amino acid, can only be obtained by capturing mice. As a cat for a companion pet, did not catch the mouse condition. And the lack of such amino acids the cat will affect the ability of night vision, so the use of good quality cat food is necessary.

Feeding method

The cat wants to eat the milk for four weeks. (The best consumption of breast milk to the full moon, in the United States and other countries, 2 months to 3 months are recommended to accompany the use of breast milk)

After the fourth week, the cat milk and a little cat food cans mixed together on the shallow tray, heated to the temperature (if the microwave heating, then only a few seconds, after heating to stir evenly, because the microwave heating uneven ), Let them try and get used to the taste of canned cats, slowly they eat from the pot. Gradually reduce cat milk to increase cat cans.

After a week, you can add warm water to the pot with warm water, and gradually stop the bowl to the cat milk, and reduce the milk in the bottle, until no.

When the kittens are six weeks old, they should eat their own cat food and drink water from the bowl.

The whole process to step by step, not too anxious. (Do not give the kitten too much cat food basin, experience has shown that the kittens often too large cat food pot as a cat toilet, in the stool or urine, or directly stand in the cat food to eat.