Dental Dog Food Has A Wealth Of Nutrition

Now people keep the concept of pet change, and gradually develop a dog dog feeding habits, in fact, to the dog eating dog food has a lot of benefits. Here to tell you about the dog to eat the benefits of dog food.

1. Nutrition comprehensive

Here the nutrition is not a comprehensive dog food protein and fat content is rich, but that dog food contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and trace elements with a reasonable ratio. No matter what kind of brand of dog food can provide the dog every day a variety of basic nutrition.

If it is high-grade dog food will increase the general content of food in the low content of unsaturated fatty acids and enzymes and other substances, such as the Champions League dog food, etc., can promote the growth of dog hair and gastrointestinal health. Dog food of various raw materials need dozens or even hundreds, the general master cooking food is difficult to achieve such a comprehensive nutritional needs, so long-term dog food-based dog in the toughness of the bones, hair quality And the weight of the standard are much better than the partial eclipse of the dog.

2. teeth healthy

Can be seen from the two age teeth stage of the obvious difference in the young dog period, if the growth of the teeth are not a lot of calcium guarantee, then the milk teeth will grow slowly, at 4 - 5 months of permanent teeth may Not very good development, and dentin will be significantly affected, tooth enamel issued, and even small pieces off. Dog food after puffing treatment, crisp but there is a certain degree of hardness, there is a certain degree of cleaning and exercise the role of teeth. Do not eat dog food dog in the elderly stage of dental calculus and the situation will be far higher than eating dog food dog.

Tips: dental dog food contains nutrients in the body of the dog is needed, as long as the dog dog food to the dog's nutrition adjustment balance, then the dog's body will be healthy and healthy, so the dog food on the The dog's body is very important, want to make the dog healthy and healthy growth, then the proposed feeding the dog to feed the dog dog food bar, do not blindly feed the dog to eat other food, to avoid The dog's body hurts.