Dog Chews Need To Pay Attention To Some Of The Problems

Dog bite and teeth is the dog in the teeth when the good things, but also to the dog to spend time good things, but in the dog to eat dog bites and teeth when the teeth should also pay attention to some problems, or good things It is possible to become something that hurt dog.

1. Dog bite glue and molar bone selection

First talk about the dog to select the dog bite gum and teeth bone to pay attention to the problem, the size of the problem no longer carefully said, too much dog eating is not convenient, too small dog easy to swallow the whole child, with the dog Swallowed the same food, will catch the dog's esophagus.

Besides the hardness problem, the dog's teeth are hard, but the gums are long. If you choose a good dog bite gum and molar bone, you will find the dog for their degree of dedication can let them do nothing to take care of eating gnawing ah, sometimes the gums are hiccup bleeding still eating.

2. Always pay attention to the dog

Dogs in the bite of the dog bites and teeth when we are relatively quiet when the dog will not be pestering you to play with you, but you can not loose heart, but also do not often look at it. If the above mentioned gnawing gums are bleeding, do not let it bite, at least let it rest and then bite, so as not to hurt the gums too much. The other is in the dog bites and teeth to eat a very small piece of time to put this good thing confiscated, because it is likely to not chew and choose to swallow directly.

3. Bite glue easy to dye

If the white dog should be careful not to choose the color of the dog bites and teeth bones: dogs like to use two front claws holding gnawing, so the two front legs are easy to be bitten rubber stains, confused red, It is not easy to wash away.

4. New at any time

Dog bite gum and teeth are all of a sudden eat something, the dog may be eating for some time to throw on the side of the child, boring time and then eating a bite, such a dog bites gum and teeth just a long time Eat endlessly. Dogs do not know the health problems, casually went to the ground fling, the results over a period of time on the dirty.

So in the food hygiene point of view, we had better over time to give the dog to buy a new, the old threw, and the dog will be quite happy, because the equivalent of another new There is a new toy.