Dog ChewsCan Slow Down The Plaque

A dog bites can eat it? Dog bites what is the composition?

Dog bites are now very popular in the country to train the dog's magic, but some parents are very worried about the dog bite the dog's body damage. Then dog bite in the end what is it? He is harmful to the dog? Here we come to learn the next:

Dog bite refers to a dog dog can eat food. Dog bite the shape of a variety of shapes, there are bones shape, spherical, round circle shape, stick line, similar to shoes and buttons and other shapes have. Its main ingredients are meat cowhide, meat pork, wood chips, and other dog food and other special processing made. Is a kind of high protein meat nutrition food.

Second, the benefits of eating dog bites gum

Because the dog has chewing bones of the hobby, so the shape of the dog bite the design of the dog is also suitable for the characteristics of dog play, dog bite is designed for a clean dog oral design. Often chewing dog bites and regular brushing can slow down the formation of tooth plaque and tartar. Often, it is easier to feed the dog's teeth than to brush the teeth, which reduces the formation of dog gingivitis and other dirt.

Eating dog bite is a solid tooth, clean the mouth of the process. Dogs in the teeth of the teeth will be itchy, eating dog bites can not only reduce the pain of dogs, but also play a protective home items are not damaged. In addition, weight loss is also a big use of dog bite gum. Dog bites are not the same as other foods. When the dog chewed the dog bites at the same time, stimulate the saliva to produce the midgut fumaric acid while keeping the kennel clean.

Third, the consumption of dog bite of the note

1. white dog is not recommended to feed colored dog bite glue. Because the dog bite or fade, when the dog to eat when the white hair is easily dyed into other colors, and wash is also harder and harder.

2. Dog bite can not eat too long. Because the dog bite gum is not all of a sudden can eat something, the dog may be eating for some time to throw on the side of the child, and boring time to chew a bite, such a dog bites gum and teeth just a long time to eat Finish. Dog is not aware of the health problems, casually went to the ground fling, the results over a period of time on the dirty. So in the food hygiene point of view, we had better over a period of time to give the dog to buy a new, the old threw, and the dog will be quite happy, because the equivalent of another new And what about a new toy?