Dog Food Cat Food Need To Change It?

  Dog food Cat food need to change it?

  Q: I heard that cats and dogs if you eat a long grain of nutrition will be uneven, but also said that only eat a grain of food will be tired. Is this kind of argument science?

  A: If the dog food cat food is suitable for your pet, you do not need to change it regularly. All commercialized full-grain (non-prescription food) has been rich in all essential nutrients, and long-term use will not have any nutritional deficiencies. As for the greasy, are the owner of the subjective ideas and unreasonable feeding caused. If the dog never know how to taste and other food and how can there be a comparison of mouth? These are the owner of the pet out of the problems, has nothing to do with the food itself.

  Balanced nutrition can promote healthy development, enhance the immune capacity of the disease and resistance to outside the harsh environment (such as temperature and other factors) ability. Now many dog food is the rest of the leftovers.

  Some people not only rich and very dog, so a long time only to the dog feeding meat, a long period of nutritional imbalance to their dogs bring acute dysentery and vomiting and other diseases, endanger the health of dogs.

  The above feeding method does not provide the dog with the nutrients it meets. Therefore, our dog friends to be clear what should be given to the dog is appropriate. If the economic conditions permit, it is best to buy the market to sell dog food. These foods contain all the nutrients necessary for the dog, often feeding, the dog's health and normal development play a significant role.

  In addition, the dog food in the development of puppies, pregnancy, a lactating bitches, adult dogs, and other types of high age dogs. These foods vary depending on the different growth stages and conditions of the dog with different nutrients and calories. And these foods are everywhere, the purchase is very convenient. There are many kinds of dog food, the best selection of those carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and other balanced food. If the dog is not acceptable to eat dog food, then the owner at least in other food every day to add dog food to ensure that your dog nutrition balance.