For You To Understand The Role Of Fat In Pet Food

  For you to understand the role of fat in pet food

  Talk about fat for the role of pets.

  Cats and dogs in various tissues and organs contain lipids, mainly phospholipids and cholesterol, most of the lipid is an important part of the cell membrane, lipids are cell proliferation, renewal, repair of raw materials,pet food while involved in certain metabolic regulation of cells Material synthesis.

  Fat is an important energy material in the body of cats and dogs, is the highest energy of nutrients. When the cat and dog intake of energy in the body more than the actual amount required, the excess energy is mainly stored in the form of fat in the body, and fat can be stored in a smaller volume of larger energy, is the best form of pet storage energy.

  Fat also provides all the essential fatty acids needed by cats and dogs.

  Vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E,pet food vitamin K, carotene is fat-soluble, in the body of cats and dogs must be dissolved in fat can be digested and absorbed, so fat is even more important.

  In addition, the high-level mammalian skin in the skin with resistance to microbial invasion, the role of the protection of the body, subcutaneous fat can prevent the loss of heat, in the cold winter can maintain a good body temperature constant, lipid filled in the organs around , There are fixed, protect the organs and ease the role of external momentum.

  Then the content of fat in the cats and dogs in the food level of what impact?

  If the lack of fat in food,pet food because the cats and dogs usually need enough energy, it will exacerbate the body's protein consumption, so that weight loss, and when the dog during pregnancy, insulin damage, so that fat can not be fully utilized and excluded from the body, Will lead to dermatitis, dander increased, the hair is not shiny, dry skin and other symptoms, the emergence of such symptoms, you can add additional fat in the dog fat or corn oil can be.

  If the food fat content is too high, will cause obesity (like people). Obesity can cause fatty liver, pancreatitis and other diseases, of course, there are many other negative effects, pet obesity than men appear more serious disease more serious.