How Should Pet Food Match?

Pet food quality is determined by nutrition quality, processing quality and hygienic quality. Pet food nutrition quality is mainly concerned with the reasonable, the formula is not a simple combination of various raw materials, but according to the pet variety, age and various needs of the design of targeted nutrition formula. People living standards continue to improve, more and more pet dogs into the people, recently, the reporter on the city pet dog supplies market situation was investigated. But some small businesses do not pay attention to pet food formula design, puppies and adult dog formula confused, easy to cause adverse effects on pets.

For dog food consumption of unknown origin of dog food disease, the relevant staff said that pet feed testing by the agricultural sector is responsible. But as of now, they received little complaints. Pet food network to remind consumers, the market dominated pet food to import the main, there is no uniform testing standards, more difficult to monitor. Consumers in the purchase should try to buy in the regular supermarket, while choosing a well-known pet food.

How to keep your dog food fresh!

Material: storage box, desiccant package amount (photo studio to buy), pocket a folder, a number of plastic bags, a stack of newspapers

1. Newspaper:

First check the inside and outside the storage box is complete, the internal to dry. In the bottom of the storage box pad thick layer of newspaper, because the newspaper can moisture moisture, so you can put some more.

2. Put the desiccant:

Every time you eat snacks in the desiccant can also be used to re-use.

3. Plastic pocket:

The dry feed into the plastic bag, in order to avoid dry feed and taste and long-term function of the loss of oil to ensure that feed does not taste. And then the desiccant package into the plastic bag, the number of desiccant packets according to the amount of feed according to the proportion of placed. When sealing the first time to squeeze out the air in the bag, after folding with a clip can be fixed.

4. Storage box:

The plastic bag into the storage box to complete, the dry feed into the box, close the lid can be.