How To Distinguish The Authenticity Of Pet Food

  How to distinguish the authenticity of pet food

  At present the pet food market has a lot of non-standard products, a lot of pet food packaging rough, some even no packaging, pet food completely bulk for sale. According to the industry sources, the market a lot of pet food is not registered by the small manufacturers, from the health and nutrition point of view, are not up to a certain standard. So consumers in the purchase process to pay special attention to avoid adverse consequences. So how to identify qualified pet food?

  One of the methods of judgment: look

  Nutritional ingredients more adequate dog food color is dark, generally showing brown or dark brown. Market sales of bulk dog food, whether true or false are not recommended to buy. Because the food in the bulk of the state, pet food will lose a lot of the original taste. And long-term exposure to the air, will be dust and other substances in the air pollution, food is easy to degenerate.

  Judgment Method II: smell

  There are burning wheat taste is inferior food, in the market a lot of pet food are added flavor, want to judge from the fragrance is often not reach the desired effect. Because the fragrance is varied, it is difficult for you to judge the ingredients from its fragrance. However, if you smell the smell of oxidation inside, or is similar to the taste of burning wheat, pet food that food has expired or made of poor quality oil. Good dog food taste rich, fragrance is more natural, not the smell of flavor.

  If the taste of corn flour is relatively heavy, that material is not good, or the backlog of goods. Dogs eat for some time, the hair will be dull, the skin is also relatively dry. Conditional, you can go with the dog to buy, their nose is easy to distinguish between additives and rotten things, if the food together appetite, they will not escape.

  Judgment Method 3: Ask

  Ask the ingredients to avoid allergies, some dogs are easy for some food or contain some elements of dog food allergy, such as beef, pet food chicken and other protein allergy and skin itching, rash, vomiting, diarrhea, ear red or hair And other symptoms. If the dog has these symptoms, it is best to talk with the veterinarian to switch to hypoallergenic skin prescription food.

  Judgment method of the four: touch

  Good grain will not be too hard, if the dog food feels like a crisp, soft, then you can let the dog rest assured that consumption. Because the dog food starch ingredients need expensive equipment to make it puffed, so the more puffing strong food, pet food the production process more sophisticated. Nutritional ingredients are relatively abundant dog food and fat is rich, do not feel dry. It can also be soaked in water, strong water absorption is easy to be absorbed by the body, if it is difficult, then the dog is also very difficult to digest.