How To Prevent Dog Food Damp Good Policy

  How to prevent dog food damp good policy

  Dogs continue to eat after damp, perhaps in a short time defecation, appetite is normal, but a long time of consumption, will cause dog vomiting, gastrointestinal diseases, diarrhea and other health problems. Many owners respond, because the size of large dogs can be eaten several times more than small dogs, in the purchase of dog food, the general support of large dogs in the main people to choose to buy large packaged dog food, in the purchase of large bags of dogs When the grain will produce some problems on the dog dog damp. Facing the damp problem, many users broke their own way to deal with, sum up, for everyone to sum up the face of the damp when the good policy.

  The so-called damp refers to the already opened Kaifeng dog food and oxygen in the air after contact, will produce peroxide, so to seal the dog food sealed up. Oxidized dog food, the aroma will gradually disappear, its palatability will be greatly reduced. When you find that your dog is not so loved before eating dog food, it is necessary to check the preservation of dog food in time, is not there damp imagination. Dog food placed in a cool, dry, ventilated place, to avoid high temperature or direct sunlight.

  Many small breeders at the time of purchase will be more favored small package of dog food, a pack of dog food in 3-4 days can be eaten, do not have to worry about the damp problem. So some netizens said, after buying a large package of dog food will be prepared after some sealed plastic bags, put them separately with a small bag, so better to prevent the use of dog food moisture.

  Sealed drum is also the way most users choose, sealed barrel is relatively more practical way. First of all, the volume of sealed barrels is relatively large, the storage capacity is relatively large, and the sealing is very good, dog food in a long time will not be any loss. Is a lot of friends behind the way. At present, there are several ways to get this sealed barrels: the first is a gift, many dog food companies will choose to buy a certain amount of dog food will be presented to the company's gifts.

  General found dog food damp, the experts reminded not to give the dog to continue to eat. If it is mild to tide to take timely measures, first with the sun drying dog food, the dog food after drying to properly save, you can buy some new dog food and sun dried dog food mixed with food. Dog food in terms of the dog is like a rice to the people in terms of the truth, to ensure that the dog's "rice" safe and healthy is the most basic responsibility for each pet.