Judge A Few Errors In Dog Food

As the market variety of dog food, so that the pet owners do not know how to choose, in the distinction between good and bad dog food, can not help but be confused. Here we list some of the people in the choice of dog food when a few errors, hoping to let the owners of their dogs to choose dog food, more theoretical reference.

Mistakes a good color is good dog food

The color of dog food can partly reflect the type and structure of dog food raw materials, pet dogs are meat-based omnivorous animals, and meat after a high temperature after the expansion will show a brown or dark brown, the color of the chicken will be Shallow. Now some poor quality of dog food to add some pigment to imitate the "meat" color, so the color alone more and more difficult to judge the quality of the quality of the dog food. There are some friends stressed that the color of dog food is bright, shiny, this is a beautiful phenomenon of beauty, but it does not apply to dog food. Pet dog's vision is weak, and is a color blind, in their world only black and white, as the color of dog food is beautiful, for them is of little significance. People will be their subjective aesthetic imposed on the dog, is a misleading dog food.

Pet lovers in the purchase of dog food, to determine the external color is necessary, as far as possible from the outside to see if there is mildew, deterioration of the phenomenon, whether due to long hair appear white color, or Green mildew. As for the beauty of dog food itself is really not important. Therefore, it is generally agreed that the good dog food color must be deep, light color dog food must be bad view is one-sided.

Misunderstanding 2, the shape is not uniform is poor dog food

Many pet lovers in the choice of food when their favorite pet, like to see the dog grain shape, size and rules and regularity, completely to judge the pros and cons of dog food is completely incorrect. Dog food is a variety of raw materials through deep processing of mass production, the middle of the important part is puffing. Extrusion is the process of instantaneous evaporation of raw materials, is a random molding. Especially meat ingredients, after an instant high temperature, the same size of the meat atrophy is different, it is difficult to do dog food particles are exactly the same. Instead, corn, starch, soybeans, flour and other plant species shape is higher than meat, starch and more grain shape easier to unify the image. Moreover, the shape is the side is round, is long is short, completely human personal hobbies, for the dog is no little effect, as long as the pet in line with the physiological stage, to maintain the normal size, easy to dog can be , And not small to eat, big enough to eat on the line.

Observe the dog grain particles, catch a dog food, one by one looks at the basic size of the particles, the appearance of the shape of the same can be a.

Misunderstanding 3, the surface smooth dog food must be good

Dog food is based on meat, coupled with some other raw materials from the combination, through the necessary crushing processing. Now a lot of pet lovers think the grain surface the more delicate the better, is very incorrect. First of all, the pet dog is not like too delicate food, some friends like to dog food bubble and then give the dog to feed, too delicate dog food in the role of starch will be very sticky teeth, which is a dog dog feeding taboo. In fact, pet dogs would rather eat some of the hard food do not eat sticky soft food, too delicate dog food will affect the palatability of the dog.

Good dog food is not necessarily delicate, rough surface is just some of the meat of the material, rough sense of strong dog food grain but more meat content. A large number of plant starch filling, but easy to do dog food particles smooth surface. General high-quality dog food grain surface is neither too rough nor very delicate, on the contrary, there are some small concavity is normal.

Misunderstanding 4, the taste is not good is not good dog food

Now more and more pet lovers in the dog to choose dog food, first of all like their first look, this method is normal and necessary, but if according to their own preferences to choose for the dog is wrong The. We all know that the dog's sense of smell is more than 1,000 times the human, they can distinguish the main smell of a variety of odors, so the dog's taste of dog food smell is not the same. People like milk fragrance and other fragrant taste, pet dogs prefer the taste of meat and fishy taste. Many dog food enterprises in order to meet the human preferences through the use of seasoning dog food made of milk flavor, not knowing that the taste of the dog's tempting poor, but will reduce palatability, affecting the dog's love of dog food.

When you choose dog food for the dog, smell the smell is necessary, you can judge the freshness of the dog food from the smell, if the taste of fat oxidation rancidity, that is, we often say that the smell of oil, it shows that Dog food is not fresh, try not to choose. The taste of a good dog food is a touch of meat flavor or fishy taste, fragrance is natural, not a strong scent.

Mistakes 5, dog food particles slightly different color that is consistent with the quality of food

Pet food manufacturers, different world batches of dog food production, the color may not be completely uniform, or twice the color slightly different, mainly because the dog food contains a certain percentage of meat and vegetable protein, they come from pure meat , Corn, soybeans and other crops. Plant origin of raw materials, produced by the dog food color will be slightly color, which are normal phenomenon.