Pet Biscuits Way Of Doing

Teach you the practice of Pet Biscuits

1. Mix the powdered sugar and eggs together and stir a little. Do not send it. Then, pour low-gluten flour and knead into dough.

The kneaded dough is relatively dry. Pet Biscuits the water absorption of flour is inconsistent, may need to adjust the amount of flour, as appropriate, to ensure that the kneading of the dough, both into a group, and not too soft. Kneading 3 into the dough after the rest of the relaxation for half an hour.

4. Place the loosened dough on the panel with a rectangular dough with a thickness of about 0.5 cm.檊 when you can sprinkle some flour on the board of anti-stick (in fact, do not sprinkle not how sticky).

5. Cut the good dough and cut it into strips.

6. Hands to pick up a long strip at both ends, twist a few laps, and then put the paving of tin foil in the tray. (Directly on the baking tray can also be, do not put oil pan)

7. Middle, 180 degrees, about 25 minutes. Baked on the surface color can be.

Because this Pet Biscuits dough did not use the water, all with egg liquid and face, so kneaded into a dough when it will stick more sticky. Coupled with no different varieties of flour water absorption is different, good kneading dough softness may be different, need to adjust the amount of flour, as appropriate, so that the dough becomes a relatively dry, not too soft dough. This Pet Biscuits dough if too soft, incision will not be so beautiful. Recipe in the sugar powder, do not use fine sugar instead, otherwise the Pet Biscuits are not easy to keep the shape when baked. If you do not have powdered sugar, it is also possible to use a fine sugar with a food cooking machine. Do not paint the pan, otherwise the biscuits sticky is not strong, when the baking may be deformed, not so straight.