Pet BiscuitsImprove The Health Of The Body Function

Introduction of Pumpkin Nutrition

Pumpkin protein and fat content is low, the value of the main performance in it contains a wealth of vitamins. After eating, there are blood-rich vitamin A, B, C and minerals, 8 kinds of amino acids, soluble fiber, lutein and phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, silicon and other trace elements. Eat more pumpkin can effectively prevent and treat liver disease, improve immunity

The nutrition of ducks

Duck fatty acids have low melting points and are easy to digest, helping to reduce bad breath and loose stools. Contains B vitamins and vitamins E balanced organ development, protect the liver and protect the kidney, but also make the coat color glossy.

Saltless animal butter

Equal proportions of omega-3 and omega-6 have good care for pet hair around. Containing trace elements, especially selenium, which is a strong antioxidant. Antioxidant has a positive effect on all aspects of pet health. This is a nutritious mill biscuits, very suitable for daily supplementation of various types of nutrients for pets. At the same time, improve the health of the body function (Tip: no salt butter can provide nutrition for pets, but not recommended to eat.)


30 grams of butter, 180 grams of low-gluten flour, 100 grams of duck leg meat, baking soda 3 grams, 2 eggs, milk 30ML (if lactose intolerance pet with sheep powder instead), pumpkin 30 grams.

Production Method:

1, A eggs are mixing, B butter softened at room temperature, C three times the egg to add butter until the butter into the feather-like, do not need to completely pass

2,100 grams of flour sifted, take a good half of the butter and then add 50 grams of duck legs and chopped meat (in advance the duck leg cooked peeled and shaved, with the machine to play mud or chopped) mixing process are added Of the pumpkin mud and 10ML milk (in addition to note that if the first baking can not add pumpkin mud, so as not to face the soft bad operation) mix into the bag into the fresh bag for half an hour.

3, the yellow dough into 1-2 cm discs, with the mold like engraved shape, this time with a small bone shape.

4, oven preheat, 170 degrees, 15 minutes (depending on the specific circumstances of their own oven) so simple, healthy and safe pet biscuits to do well.

1. Make delicious biscuits need to maintain a comfortable and happy mood, stop and let your fingers match the perfect nutrition. Remember to leave a photo, to their own works to leave a memorial.

2. Self-made biscuits without additives, the amount of production without a lot of money, can be fed within a week.

3. Self-made biscuits natural nutrition, do not add flavor. Usually not used to eat natural food pets may be due to different aroma and hesitate to eat. The owner needs a step by step guide, adjust the diet. Let love pet gradually away from the fragrance to reconcile the food, the habit of eating the natural flavor of food.