Pet Food Is A Special Food For Pets

  Pet food is a special food for pets, between human food and traditional livestock and poultry feed between the high-end animal food. Its role is mainly for all kinds of pets to provide the most basic life guarantee, growth and development and health of the necessary nutrients. It has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition, high digestion and absorption rate, scientific formula, quality standard, easy feeding and prevention of certain diseases.

  According to the pet food form, pet food is divided into dry pet food, such as: small animal food, dog food, cat food, leisure snacks; semi-dry pet food, such as: pet canned food, semi-dry food, etc .; Food, such as: pet meat sauce, soup, pet nutrition porridge and so on.

  In accordance with the use of pet food, pet food is divided into: pet diets, dietary mate, functional food, special varieties of food, pet health food, prescription food, pet snacks, and so on.

  Pet food purchase standards are very particular about, first, the best meat is the first component, do not choose to use meat and bone meal, by-product. Pet food in the meat is not necessarily good, especially for the elderly and obese pets, it should limit the amount of fat intake, but the owner's economic capacity to allow the case should be selected as little as meat and bone meal, by-product food, but should choose to use Real meat products.

  Second, choose natural preservative food, check the cereal ingredients in the food. Chemical preservatives can have a negative impact on pet health, while natural preservatives contain mixed tincture, vitamin C and E, which is good for health. For pets, rice is the most easily digestible grain, maize contains limb acid is too low, in the feeding process to be added, and add too much will cause digestion difficulties, therefore, should try to avoid the choice of corn content too much pet food. In addition, corn, soybeans and wheat may cause pets allergies, pet food to find out when the pet's physical fitness.

  Third, for new brands or types of pet food should be based on pet characteristics, and step by step. In the decision pet food should be considered before the characteristics of food ingredients and pet's fur and weight characteristics are consistent, and after the observation of whether the fur was dull, dry, pet weight is a big change and whether the stool is stinky to judge Whether the food is suitable. In addition, the beginning of the replacement of pet food should be mixed with one-third of the new food and two-thirds of the old food, gradually increase gradually, to the pet a slowly adapt to the process, to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort