Pet Food Qualified And Unqualified Difference

Pet food qualified and unqualified difference

Food safety is closely related to our lives, the same is true for animals, the source of life is healthy food, then the people who keep pets, Pet food how to buy healthy food, so the breeders are most concerned about. Here to see with the provisions of the law, learn how to distinguish between pet food qualified and unqualified difference.

According to the provisions of the laws and regulations, qualified goods should be fully marked product name, net weight, capacity, quantity or measure, Pet food the main raw materials, additives name, nutritional content and content, effective date or date of manufacture, shelf life Or manufacturing date, applicable pet types, methods and other precautions. The opposite is unqualified food, there are security risks.

In addition to these, we also want to pay attention to the dog in the rearing, some dogs eat a barbecue and sausage, the next day severe diarrhea, barbecue with too much fat, salt and seasonings, likely to cause the cat Dog indigestion, leftover chicken neck, Ding bone steak, bones smaller and sharp cross section, easily lead to esophagus or gastrointestinal perforation. There are other chocolate, grapes, onions, garlic and other cats and dogs are not suitable for consumption, serious may cause organ failure to death. Pet food To always health care for the baby, in the purchase of pet food, it should be noted that the mark is complete, in order to protect the interests of owners and pets.