Pet Food Specifically For The Dog To Provide Nutritious Food

Pet food is specifically for the dog to provide nutritious food, between human food and traditional livestock and poultry feed between the high-end animal food. Its role is mainly for the animal dog to provide the most basic life guarantee, growth and development and health of the necessary nutrients. With a comprehensive nutrition, digestion and absorption rate, formula science, quality standards, feeding convenience and can prevent certain diseases and other advantages.

1. Now a lot of brand types of pet food, including staple food, snacks, if you really love your pet, then a lot of domestic brands of pet snacks we try not to buy.

2. Our cost ability is the most powerful, the water is not boiled can not be made of meat snacks, such a large part of the things are sold to pets, and domestic dog food are basically 4D dog Grain, basically no natural grain.

3. Before you buy you can look at his composition table, the basic content is in accordance with the number of sorting, in front of a few are what a lot of powder, cornmeal, all kinds of vegetables such as meat, very little, and are additives, Smell particularly fragrant, especially the dog to eat, so the cost is very low, generally a large package to open an average pound also 4,5 dollars.

4. We can buy imported dog food, some really good things, variety selection, the price is basically acceptable, but there are shortcomings, that is, very much fake, some dog food customs are held, but the domestic There are shops selling. I do not know is true or false.

5. So find the best way to buy relatives and friends, if you do not have 100% trust channel to buy, I tell you a way to find you want to buy the domestic distributor of dog food, and then search out his contact, many are Is the mailbox, direct mail that you want to buy but do not know where to buy, so buy the basic will not be a problem.