The Benefits Of Pet Food And Need Attention

Dog food and cat food is the first thing to remember the pet food and people can not exactly the same, the pet has its own unique digestive system, the bowel is relatively short, pet food should be the main animal meat and viscera, pet food also need high Protein Food:

The second is to pay attention to the nutritional balance of pet food, to avoid their meals outside the snacks, snacks, while the choice of high-quality diet is also necessary, and its characteristics must meet the low calorie, high fiber, high digestibility and can maintain weight loss period Need vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fatty acid content. For pet food feeding, the use of pet dry food with pet canned food is a perfect combination of pet food, this pet food with the way, both food dry food and food high-density comprehensive balanced nutrition, but also with pet canned food Good taste and delicious taste, and does not affect the pet rations in the nutritional comprehensiveness and balance.

The third is to avoid the pet food when feeding dog and dog hodgepodge. Some people often think that cat food and dog food is almost the same, so it will seek the basis of alternating feeding, in fact, this idea may be wrong. Adult pet cat food contains crude protein, crude fat, and metabolic properties are higher than the adult pet dog commercial food, and pet cat commercial food containing taurine, the dog's commercial food is not. Taurine is an indispensable nutrient for the cat. When it lacks, it can cause a variety of damage, so it can not feed the cat with commercial food for a long time. On the contrary, because the cat food contains a wealth of nutrients and high energy, with the cat food to feed the dog, can lead to dog obesity, this way, weight loss plan completely wasted.