The Present Situation And Geographical Distribution Of Domestic Pet Food Market

  The Present Situation and Geographical Distribution of Domestic Pet Food Market

  In 1860, the United States Cincinnati electrician James Spratt (James Spratt) to London to sell lightning rod, when the ship arrived in the UK, occasionally found his dog particularly like to eat the sailors were discarded biscuits. So, he was an idea, quickly brought flour, vegetables, meat with water, stir together, began manufacturing and selling dog food. The first commercial dog food in human history was born.

  In 1954, try to mix the raw materials in the rice, skim milk, soy flour and other raw materials in the rice flour, salt and sugar, and mix them into the slurry, and then dry on the asphalt. Imitation of the taste and popcorn similar to the pet dog favorite. The company initially called the new product "X-24" and placed it directly into the supermarket shelves, and then the dog food sold worldwide, everyone on the company will not be unfamiliar, which is so far still dominate the Chinese domestic dog food Market - the manufacturer of dog food.

  In 1957, the Americans will be the food in the puffing process applied to the pet food, the world's first puffed dog food came out. Since then, through the puffing process to create a pet food with its comprehensive nutritional balance, feeding convenience, save time and other absolute advantages occupy the main status of pet food. Thirty years later, in 1987 the United States only in a supermarket sales of dog food reached 2.7 billion US dollars, sales of 2.64 million tons.

  In recent years, the pet market is getting hotter. There may be many people found that around the pet food shop, pet beauty shop within a few years to increase a lot, and even the supermarket pet food shelves from the original one shelf, expanded into a row of shelves, around the district Small supermarkets have also added a pet food supplies shelves. There are more and more neighbors and friends around the pet, the major mainstream sites have also opened a pet forum, where you can access to a variety of pet information, pet has become a part of the lives of many urban residents.

  Indeed, with the improvement of people's living standards, China's pet market began to enter a period of vigorous development. According to the information: a single pet dog, for example, Beijing has more than 50 million, and still at an annual rate of 8% growth in Shanghai, about 700,000, the annual cost of pets is as high as 600 million yuan The According to a rough estimate, the national pet dog's possession of about 30 million or more. This also allows the pet-related industries have been greatly developed. And the people to food for the day, the same, the pet market is also concentrated in the surrounding consumption of pet food consumption. Therefore, China's pet food market has become a major domestic and foreign food production enterprises compete for feng shui treasure.

  As China's raw material costs and labor costs are much lower than abroad, so many foreign brands of products also choose to produce and processing in China and packaging. While the current domestic joint venture pet food brands are mostly in the domestic production or find factories and processing. Second, many companies choose "Made in China" because as China's food industry supervision and control efforts continue to strengthen China's feed raw materials industry continues to regulate the quality is also rising, has basically reached the level of developed countries and standards. More "Made in China" pet food products are exported to international markets.

  In the country, pet food manufacturing industry has basically formed a three pillars of the potential. Pet food manufacturing enterprises are mainly concentrated in Shanghai, Tianjin, Sichuan three places. Among them, Shanghai and Tianjin, the most developed pet food manufacturing, mainly rely on unique advantages of the port to produce export products and brand processing as the main business. These enterprises around the circle, occupy a certain share of the market. And Sichuan, although there are some excellent pet food production company, the size and share of the market share than the first two less.