Three Engines Of Pet Food Market Growth

  Three engines of pet food market growth

  At present, the pet food market can be divided into the following categories: Pet staple foods (cat food, dog food), pet snacks (canned cats and dogs, fresh bags, meat strips, jerky, etc.), pet Nutrition and health products (cat and dog calcium, vitamins, protein and other nutrition). Pet consumer goods After more than 10 years of development, the pet owners in large and medium-sized cities increasingly increasing awareness of consumption. The biggest consumption is cat food dog food, followed by pet snacks. However, the data show that pet nutrition health care products are also at an alarming rate by the majority of pet owners agree. The three-piece group becomes the mainstream consumer category of pet food market in China. pet food From the growth model of pet market, the driving pet market growth is mainly the new consumer's joining, the original consumer consumption upgrades, as well as the consumer purchase behavior change these three big factors.

  1. Increased number of new consumers. More and more consumers are paying attention to the scientific feeding methods of pets, pet food and to understand the differences between pet food and homemade food. Consumer index data show: 2014 dry rations, wet food and snacks three children have increased the penetration rate of 2%-4%, and new entrants to the market the proportion of puppies to buy pet food is higher.

  2. Category upgrade. In the food list of the main pets, we found that the proportion of snacks, health products increased, the annual growth reached 48%, far higher than the overall pet food 18% growth. This means that more pet owners, pet food in addition to giving pets basic survival protection, began to pay attention to pets such as teeth, fur, physical and mental health, purchase a functional and increase emotional communication category.

  3. Purchase behavior change. Consumer Index research has found that consumers are increasing the amount of pet products they buy each time, pet food and the frequency of purchases has slipped slightly. The main reason for this trend is that more and more consumers will choose the pet food in the electric business channel. Studies have shown that online purchases of pet food are larger than other channels.