Vegetarian Pet Food Is It Suitable For Your Pet

The dog is the best friend of mankind. So we hope that the best friends and we can enjoy those healthy and happy things. That's why more and more hosts will now train their dogs as vegetarians. Are you surprised? Like us, dogs can benefit from a plant diet. They can become healthier, improve physical condition, increase resistance, increase weight and have more energy.

Dogs are classified as carnivores, but they are omnivores from biological evolution, which means that they can get nutrients from a variety of food sources such as fruits, vegetables, beans, grains and livestock products. Unlike cats, dogs can get and synthesize the nutrients they need from food sources.

"The most important thing is that you have to feed your pet through a nutrient-responsive way, and it's definitely possible to find a high-quality pet food that does not contain it," says Catherine, an associate professor of veterinary and nutrition at the University of Pennsylvania's Veterinary College. Meat products. "

Vegetarian is very good for dogs. Studies have shown that botanical diets can have a positive impact on your pet. Studies have shown that such a diet will increase the health and vitality of pets, improve immunity, better control of weight, reduce cancer, infection, thyroid function degradation, diabetes, arthritis and cataract incidence.

A study by multidisciplinary digital publishing houses shows that dogs can thrive in vegetarian situations as long as the owner is able to ensure that they have the necessary nutrients. Vegan dogs may be experiencing health problems, but these problems are also common in meat dogs.

For San Diego's freelance photographer Xiao, the vegetarian diet is good to help her dog from diarrhea and skin hot spots torture. She gave her golden dog eat a whole dog food, which contains plant-based protein, homemade smoothies and vegetables. Shelley every week to her ear infected with German shepherd eating beans, sweet potatoes and brown rice. Infection disappeared after five months, her dog has a healthy and beautiful coat color, and no longer have bad breath.

In addition to these health factors, the owner can also be based on the environment and genes and other reasons to the dog to the plant diet. If you are going to make this change, choosing the right pet food is critical. Michelle strongly recommends that the pet owner should choose the pet food tested by the American Feed Inspection Association. If you intend to start preparing food again, it is best to talk with dog nutrition experts. This will ensure that your dog gets the necessary nutrition. Diet should contain soy, peas and potatoes and other plant protein, but also must add vitamins and minerals, and vitamin B12 and calcium and other amino acids. Dogs need more protein than humans, which is why it is important to choose a source of enough protein.

Many veterinarians are still considering whether plants and nutritional supplements can provide adequate nutrition and whether there is a substitute for meat, so it's better to think about what your dog needs most. You know more than anyone else, with the help of a veterinarian, you are most sure whether the vegetarian suit is suitable for your pet.