Why Use Professional Recipe Pet Food Feeding?

  Why use professional recipe pet food feeding?

  The use of professional formula pet food pet has the following advantages:

  Nutrition comprehensive balance: the use of a single human food feeding pets there is a problem of nutritional imbalance. Professional formula pet food is based on the global R & D data developed and produced, relative to human food, can ensure that nutrients and pet needs to match.

  To ensure that pets health: professional formula pet food is based on pet age, size, variety characteristics and tailor-made, can provide accurate for pets to meet their physiological characteristics and metabolic needs of nutrients, so that pets live a healthier.

  Feeding convenience: that is, take the use,pet food to reduce the amount of labor the owner.

  Reduce the pet stool odor: recipe pet food digestion and absorption rate is high, pet food can greatly improve the digestive system function, reduce the smell of feces.

  Will it be better to import pet food?

  To determine the quality of pet food is the quality of pets after eating or not. As long as the choice of pet food safety, formula and production process is reasonable, the basic can ensure a comprehensive product nutrition balance, pet food is very healthy. Currently on the market from a variety of channels imported pet food of different quality, consumers can choose according to their own reasonable pet food.

  Why use the pet food of the age group?

  Different levels of pet basic physiological metabolism of different levels of heat and other nutrients are also different needs. So the best practice is to pick the corresponding food according to the age of the pet. Some people like to use puppies (cat) food to feed their own adult dog (cat), that this can give the pet to provide richer nutrition.pet food I do not know, so long-term feeding will lead to love pet energy intake is too high and obese, is not conducive to pet health.